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An Ocean Shores/North Beach Chamber of Commerce Event

Clam diggers and food lovers will be heading to Ocean Shores, WA for the 13th annual Razor Clam & Seafood Festival!

Saturday, March 16-17th, 2019

FREE Admission!

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The Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival Starts in:


The Ocean Shores Razor Clam and Seafood Festival is the celebration of local beach life, culture and the great bounty of the sea featuring our famous razor clam “digs.” The Festival offers activities for the entire family whether you come to go clamming, to enjoy the 6 miles of beach or the amazing array of fun and activities in the beach town businesses and Festival. The Festival is growing and expanding this year – check our website, grab a program or just start looking around as you come into town!



More than just chowder – Razor clam steaks, clam fritters, clam chowder, and fish and chips with razor clams, halibut, cod, and shrimp, 100% Dungeness Crab Cakes, a raw and barbecue oyster bar, pulled pork, brats, desserts, kettle corn and even more.  Sample regional beer and wine, plus spirits and other and beverages.


Join in the fun and Vote for your favorite chowder with a “Tasting Passport” to sample all the chowders from the amateur and professional chowder contests. The winners will be announced at 5:30pm during the award ceremony held inside the Convention Center at The Pacific Hall Stage!

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Saturday morning, take a run and come back for lunch. All registrants will receive a chowder tasting passport, long sleeve SportTek shirt and a medallion to commemorate your experience at the festival. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Green Lantern lunch program for kids.

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Saturday night from 6-8pm is the Festival Clamtastic Party – we will turn down the lights for some party atmosphere, our great food booths will be open as is the bar with beer, wine, and spirits, and our great Country/Americana band 80 Proof Ale, then ride the free shuttle to the Quinault Beach Resort Casino for even more fun.


Ride our Giant outdoors slide, you can take on the Mechanical Shark and pick the ride from mild to wild and for the young or the young at heart, There will be Face Painting and a lot of hands-on activities!


40 booths with hand-made crafts, fishing and outdoors gear, and more.


Cover everything you need to know about Razor Clams and outdoor life at the beach. Representatives of the State Depart of Fish and Wildlife will be there to explain it all.


Enter to win bragging rights and some great prizes for the largest and smallest clam, carefully measured by the State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.


Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
Thanks to All Things Fun Sports for brining the 5K running with the clams event to our Festival!
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
All Things Fun Sports
We had a wonderful time at our running with the clams event, located in Ocean Shores, WA at the Razor Clam and Seafood Festival.
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
Congratulations to the winners of the smallest clam and largest clam contest!
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
Congratulations to our professional chowder winners!
1st Place- Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, Emily’s Restaurant

2nd Place-Ocean Crest Resort

3rd Place- Bennett's Fish Shack

People’s Choice- Bennett’s Fish Shack
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
One of our delicious professional Chowder competitors, Ocean Crest Resort, is getting ready for this weekend! Are you ready?
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
Do you make the best clam chowder? Enter the Amateur Clam Chowder Contest at the 13th annual Ocean Shores Razor Clam & Seafood Festival, Sunday March 17th. We have cash prizes, media recognition, and bragging rights for the year for the winners. Go to our new website - www.osrazorclamfestival.org and click on “Participate.” You can also register on Saturday at the Festival info booth.
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival
Tasting Room
The Tasting Room is the newest addition to the Ocean Shores Razor Clam & Seafood Festival, March 16-17. Stop by to sample the beverages, produced here on the Olympic Peninsula, from Sequim to Aberdeen. If you like your tastes, you can buy the bottles (except for beer). There will be 24 products to taste from these great companies: Fathom & League Hop Yard Brewery, Harbinger Winery, Hoodsport Winery, Madsen Family Cellars, Mount Olympus Brewing, Olympic Cellars Winery, Westport Winery, Wishkah River Distillery. The Tasting Room is sponsored by Olympic Cellars Winery. Just one more reason to visit the Razor Clam Festival!

The Festival Food!

We have dramatically expanded the festival food offerings this year. The booths will be outside, surrounding “Clam Central” the tent loaned to us by Oyhut Bay. Inside the Convention Center there will be more seating along with the chowder tasting contest booths.

Razor clams will be provided by the Quinault Nation fishery – Quinault Pride Seafood. Our oysters will be from Taylor Shellfish, one of the finest oyster producers in the country, based in Southwest Washington.

We will also offer a full bar with beer, wine, spirits (must be consumed in Convention Center)

Clam & Seafood Recipes

Clams Carbonara

Boston chef Matt Jennings’s pasta combines two beautiful things: salty, rich carbonara and spaghetti alle vongole, prepared with briny New England clams. Ingredients 2 pounds razor or littleneck clams, scrubbed Kosher salt Pepper 1 pound spaghetti [...]

Italian Razor Clams

2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons light olive oil 4 medium-to-large cleaned, fresh razor clams Seasoned flour (see above recipe) 1 tablespoon chopped garlic 1 tablespoon capers Juice of ½ lemon 3 tablespoons dry white wine [...]

Beer-Battered Razor Clams

Among the world's sweetest, most flavorful clams, razors shine in just about any preparation, and deep-frying in beer batter remains a Northwest tradition. Add zing with spices and lemon zest—and make sure to use a [...]

Helpful Information

The Pacific Razor Clam:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Pacific razor clamSiliqua patula, is a species of large marine bivalve mollusc in the family Pharidae.


This species has an elongated oblong narrow shell, which ranges from 3 to 6 inches (8 to 15 cm) in length in the southern portion of its range, with individuals up to 11 inches (28 cm). It is similar to the smaller Atlantic razor clamSiliqua costata, which is found on the East Coast of the United States. The name razor clam is also used for the Atlantic jackknife clamEnsis directus. While the Atlantic jackknife clam is in the same family as the Pacific razor clam the jacknife clam is in a different genus.

How to Dig Razor Clams:

From WA State Fish & Wildlife

First look for a “clam show”. What is a clam show? That’s where a clam has withdrawn its neck or started to dig leaving a hole or dimple in the sand. There are three major kind of “shows” to look for:

  • dimple: a depression in the sand
  • doughnut: which has raised sides
  • keyhole: which is usually in drier sand areas and is shaped like an “hour-glass” or is a hole with very distinct sides.

Always look for the larger sized hole shown here next to a quarter. This is a good indication that the clam will be larger, but not always.

Clams will also show at the edge of the surf line when you pound the beach with a shovel handle or your foot. They may squirt sand and water out of the hole where they are located. You need to be quick when digging in the surf as razor clams dig quite fast in the soft fluid sand.

Proper digging improves your efficiency, minimizes the breaking of clams and cut fingers.

Where to Find Licenses & Equipment

Where to buy Licenses:

Oyhut Bay Fresh Market | Rhino | Shell | IGA | Ace Hardware | Gas Stations at Hogans Corner | Ocean City Market

Where to Buy Equipment:

Oyhut Bay Fresh Market | Ace Hardware | Arrow Lumber | Ocean City Marketplace

What to Expect (what to wear?!)

It’s always Possible that it’s going to Rain at the Beach, So come prepared. Bring Rain Coats, Hip Waiters can be helpful, Rain boots, the taller the better. A shovel or clam gun (of course!) and a Clam Net or Bucket!


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