Ride the Shark!

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Project Description

Prove your worth and see if you can master the shark!

Have you ever had the opportunity to ride a shark…and stay dry at the same time?  Well now is your opportunity!!!  Yes right here in Ocean Shores you can take a ride on our Mechanical Shark and pick the ride from Mild to wild and for the young or the…well young at heart.  You can pick a very mild ride if you like so you can tell all your friends you have ridden a great white shark…or you may choose to attempt to conquer the Great White Shark and see if you can obtain the longest time for staying on him.  Oh yes bragging rights no doubt for a year but also $50 for the longest timed rider at the Razor Clam Festival. So you can take an exciting ride for $5.50 or should you want to go for the real wild excitement filled experience and have a few tries to find your groove, take three rides if you dare for $11.00.  Oh yes bring your friends so you can have the photo memories and they can verify for sure that you really did try and conquer the shark.